Saree: A Garment with many styles

Saree: A Garment with many styles

Saree: A Garment with many styles

Gone are the days when we thought about saree as a traditional garment. Today, when we look at the flowy piece of fabric, we get a whole different perspective. The way a saree is draped can change the look from being a traditional into a glamorous and chic-urban style piece of clothing. Saree can be worn in many styles and designs. The beauty of this wonderful garment which has its origin in India is that there are tons of possibilities to work with. This wonderful characteristic of this garment has led to its popularity.

Sarees come in a wide variety of designs and styles. From cotton, chiffon, georgette, net, velvet, to silk; there are as many varieties in its type as there are in its style. There are many types of sarees but some of the major ones that are common are Uppada, banarasi, khadi, gadwal, linen, Kanchipuram, paithani and more. The charm of saree is that you get to choose a wide variety of styles for each occasion. If you want to opt for a regular day to day sarees, you could very well go with cotton, khadi, chiffon and the likes of that. Planning for a wedding? Well, you can find beautifully embroidered sarees in many different styles. Also, common are the georgette, chiffon and the net sarees.

Sarees are available for all types of occasions. From day to day, official to parties, you have a wide variety to choose from as per your occasion. The huge popularity of saree can also be credited to the fact that it administers to different weather conditions as well. Not only that, saree can be credited to be one of the most versatile piece of garment which can be worn to fit your style ad comfort level. It can go from being a modest piece of clothing to a very glamorous one even just by the style it is draped. There is no other garment that can boast of having this amazing quality.

Although, earlier saree was usually associated with the garment worn by Hindu women across countries of the Indian Sub-continent, however, today we have seen the popularity rise to the western countries as well.  Also as saree is now being given the contemporary outlook, we see several international designers presenting this piece of garment in its full glory by dressing up celebrities in red carpet events and fashion shows. This has brought a whole new audience interested in this beautiful piece of clothing. We see many international adorning this beautiful piece of clothing with this garment. By doing so, it has indeed been able to gain more popularity amongst people of different ethnicities, races, and religions.

Saree is no longer just traditional wear for Hindu women; it is a versatile and comfortable garment that can be perfect for anyone and everyone and caters to all the situation, style, and choice. Saree is for sure a garment with many styles and can be worn to work, as casual wear, to parties or simply at home.

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