Uppada Sarees - Jamdani Weaving Technique

Uppada Sarees
31 Dec , 2019

The saree is the most beautiful attire of Indian culture and it brings out the richness in our traditions while at the same time magnifying the beauty of an Indian woman. There are a number of weave patterns, fabrics, textures and styles that can be seen in sarees. Every region in the country has its own version of the saree, both in terms of wearing the attire and also the weaving style in the fabric and the material used.

The Jamdani Uppada Saree is one of the styles and versions of the saree from the state of Andhra Pradesh. This comes from the weaving community in a place called Uppada. The handloom industry in the area is widely popular for its exquisite and intricate weaves. Some of the highest quality of weaving comes from these weavers. Talking about the Jamdani saree, the term Jamdani comes from ‘JAM’ which means flower while ‘DANI’ means vase. So, the patterns seen in this saree are usually flowery in the form of “butidar” prints (wherein the entire sari is dispersed with florals), the “tercha” print (diagonally striped florals), or the “jhalar” print  (a network of floral motifs). These are some of the design patterns in a Jamdani saree.

Uppada Sarees - Jamdani Weaving Technique

Some interesting facts that make this saree even more gorgeous are that it’s very lightweight, soft in texture and gives a rich and festive look. Therefore, it is a preferred choice for women who prioritize comfort. It takes about 10-60 days to weave a single saree when a couple of weavers spend nearly 10 hours each day in weaving. That itself tells a great deal about the handiwork that goes behind making these sarees. Each saree is an individual masterpiece because any slight alteration in the pattern can spoil the whole design of the saree. This makes the saree even more valuable and in demand. Every single motif is added to the saree by adding thick threads to fine warp threads; which makes this a painstaking process and requires a long time.  Jamdani Sarees’ distinctive mark of excellence reflects in the way thick threads are combined with fine warp threads to create motifs that stand out and give the saree its unique identity. This art of traditional weaving has thus, also been declared as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013.

Uppada Sarees - Jamdani Weaving Technique

The weaving technique of the Jamdani Uppada Saree involves etching each design as a blueprint on graph paper first and then placing it in the warp for weaving the patterns on the silk fabric for accuracy. Therefore, the Jamdani pattern of weaving is considered to be one of the most advanced styles of weaving. These sarees also feature pure gold and silver laces (zari) to boost the splendor of the outfit. The interweaving of threads, looming, adding the knots and preparing the border is a tiresome process and requires immense skill which makes the saree even more magnificent. Great skill goes behind weaving each Jamdani Saree as a thick weft is added depending on the design along with a thin one. This makes the design synonymous with both sides of the saree. This weaving pattern is laborious and time taking and therefore it makes the saree precious and the production volume low.

Uppada Sarees - Jamdani Weaving Technique

If you want to get your hands on these marvelous pieces of regal elegance, you can find them at UPPADA SAREES where each saree is handpicked for its uniqueness. Buy your Jamdani Saree and enhance your saree collection with Uppada sarees.



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