Handlooms and Women Empowerment

Handlooms and Women Empowerment

Handlooms and Women Empowerment

Since time immemorial, we have been celebrating the International Women’s Day to reflect upon the women and their importance in our lives. It is a day to appreciate their efforts, celebrate their success and express gratitude for their role in our lives.

Women play a major role in our lives. In India, women are considered a source of power. ‘Mother’ is considered to be the source of giving life to everyone. This Women’s Day, we at Uppada Sarees take a moment to reflect upon handlooms and express gratitude to our womens’ contributions in the weaving of these beautiful pieces of art.

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The empowerment of women is crucial to every nation and the handloom industry has been one of the greatest contributors to the empowerment of women in our country. As we take inspiration from the iconic Swadeshi Movement by Mahatma Gandhi, it has been our duty since the last two decades to keep the culture of weaving alive. We have employed hundreds of women across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Maharashtra. This art has not only provided us with success but has also equipped our women with empowerment, skill, independency and prosperity.

In recent times, we have seen huge growth in the handloom sector all across the country. Thanks to the government’s schemes on empowerment and entrepreneurship, the age-old profession of weaving has been a major source of livelihood for rural and tribal women.

As a matter of fact, handlooms have paved ways not only for employment but also learning. Since the process involves a lot of skill, several women also teach the art and skill to many other women. Women of all ages ranging from 5 to 75 can learn the skill of weaving. As women across the country work toward development and learning, it binds boundaries created by ethnic, linguistic, cultural and economic differences.

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Apart from creating opportunities, the best part about handlooms is their versatility. At Uppada Sarees, we have employed multiple women in the weaving of not just Pure Zari Uppada sarees, but also Gadwal sarees, Paithani sarees, Jamdani sarees, Kanchipuram sarees, etc. These sarees can be worn at different occasions. Furthermore, the versatility also lies in the different styles of weaving. The style and technique vary from region to region across the country.  Many types of cloth including cottons, silks, wools, linen or other blended fabrics are also be used in the process of weaving. Ranging from plain fabrics to geometric designs, from ethic pattens to designer works, Uppada sarees attests the immaculate skill exhibited by our women in the weaving of these beautiful fabrics. Handlooms are a certain testament to the skill and competence of women.

The feel, quality, intricacy of design, symmetry and also the indescribable feeling of wearing something made-by-hand remain true pleasures of the handloom world. Thanks to the rich heritage of handlooms, each handloom is unique to its weaver and skill involved. A handloom remains a beautiful piece of art since no two pieces of art can be alike.

Not only India, but we have seen keen interests in our handlooms, especially Uppada sarees, Gadwal sarees and designer sarees. Bright colours, sophisticated designs and rich heritage is sure to impress a huge range of people. Most importantly, the credit of international acclaim is once again owed to the countless hours, precision and skill presented by the women of our country.

For a very long time, women have been victims of oppression, dominance and shame. However, many women have beautifully proven themselves in the making of handlooms. This industry has been a back bone of various communities across the country.  Our products at Uppada Sarees are testaments to not only their competence but also the oppression and hardships faced by these women. With greater intervention and subsidiaries provided by the government, the art of handlooms is sure to attain greater acclaim and appreciation.

As more and more handlooms are made with each passing day, we’ve grown closer together as a family and have witnessed success and happiness by hard work and perseverance. We owe this pleasure to not just our team but the countless hours spent by our hardworking women. Weaving and the production of handlooms is one of the greatest trademarks to women, their value and contribution.


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